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Legal advisory for complex infrastructure projects

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What we do

CPCS InfraLaw (InfraLaw) is a boutique law firm specializing in business law, infrastructure and project development, in particular public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the transport, energy, and renewable energy sectors.

InfraLaw is part of, but independent from, the CPCS Transcom Limited group, a management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure.

About us

Working independently or in partnership with local lawyers, InfraLaw operates in many countries around the world and has a strong presence in Africa, where InfraLaw’s lawyers have been involved in infrastructure projects, in both civil law and common law jurisdictions.


Our legal services cover all the legal, institutional and contractual issues that arise at every stage of project development. We offer services tailored to our customers’ legal, regulatory, institutional, and contractual requirements.

Our team

Our team includes lawyers from leading law firms with extensive experience in infrastructure projects around the world. Our lawyers are qualified to practice in Ontario, Quebec and Paris. Our three senior lawyers are supported by a team of legal professionals and, when required by the nature of the mandates, can also leverage the multidisciplinary expertise of the broader CPCS Transcom Limited group.

Why choose CPCS InfraLaw

InfraLaw is a dedicated and specialized law firm. We focus on providing the highest value-added legal services to our client. Our lean structure enables us to adapt quickly to any customer request, and to offer high-quality legal services at market-competitive rates. With minimal structural costs, our customers only pay for the added value of the services provided.

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