About us

CPCS InfraLaw (InfraLaw) is a boutique law firm specializing in business law, infrastructure and project development, in particular public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the transport, energy, and renewable energy sectors.

Our experience in the transport sector is wide ranging and includes projects related to roads – urban mobility and logistics – rail, air, and water transportation (ports and related navigation matters in the maritime, fluvial, and lake contexts).

    What we do

      • InfraLaw was created to meet the growing need for cutting-edge legal expertise in public procurement and infrastructure projects worldwide.

      • InfraLaw supports its clients at every stage of their projects and transactions, providing high-quality, personalized legal services.

      • InfraLaw’s practice focuses on complex infrastructure projects including PPPs, project development and procurement, as well as implementation and management, in a variety of industrial and commercial sectors, at the national and international level.

    InfraLaw is part of, but independent from, the CPCS Transcom Limited group, a management consulting firm specializing in infrastructure.

    Our global reach

      Working independently, or in partnership with local lawyers, InfraLaw operates in many countries around the world and has a strong presence in Africa, where InfraLaw’s lawyers have been involved in infrastructure projects, in both civil law and common law jurisdictions.

      Our global reach and strong local presence allows us to leverage a practical and country specific understanding of our projects, in particular on the African continent, where our lawyers have recognized expertise.

      Why choose CPCS InfraLaw

        InfraLaw is a dedicated and specialized law firm. We focus on providing the highest value-added legal services to our client.

        Our lean structure enables us to adapt quickly to any customer request, and to offer high-quality legal services at market-competitive rates. With minimal structural costs, our customers only pay for the added value of the services provided.

        Moreover, InfraLaw’s lawyers can easily rely on the CPCS Transcom Limited group’s other areas of expertise, such as financial, economic and technical (particularly rail) expertise if required. Our access to a broad range of technical expertise is unique on the legal market, making our advice more impactful.

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